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With cable TV pricing rising every year, more and more people have begun to upgrade to a better, cheaper, and more reliable streaming service. One of the reasons people had not switched years ago was due to the fact that streaming services did not offer live TV. In 2021, it’s getting tougher to find a streaming service that doesn’t offer live local and national entertainment. You may have noticed advertisements on some of your favorite channels, like HGTV or DIY, advertising the new Discovery Plus, or Disney advertising Disney Plus. All of the providers are trying to get people away from Cable TV and move into streaming. Not only do they have the ability to offer more on demand options, but it is cheaper and more efficient for the channel provider and their customers.

Personally, I have used streaming services since 2007 with ease. I currently subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Additionally, about one or two months out of the year, I will temporarily add HBO to watch new seasons of my favorite shows. I currently pay about $70.00/mo for internet, Amazon Prime is $12 per month, Netflix is $15/mo, and Hulu is $11.99 since I decided to pay more for no commercials. I never have to watch a single commercial or wait till 7:00 pm when my favorite show comes on. Additionally, even though I signed up for multiple services, everything I watch still works off of 1 box, and 1 remote, just like traditional TV service. No switching remotes or inputs. All of my favorite content in one easily accessible space. There isn’t even a need for DVR service. All of the shows are available 24 hours a day and remember where I left off. I pay a total of $108.99 for internet and TV and have access to more entertainment than any TV provider in the country can offer me. This is why if you aren’t streaming yet, everyone is telling you to jump on the train.


One of the items we specialize in at i5 Fiber is streaming services. We all have been using them since they were released and have great familiarity. If you would like to start streaming with your new i5 Fiber Internet, just let us know and we can help you get started. I am personally attached to my Amazon Fire Sticks, but you can decide from any of these devices:

1. Smart TV

2. Amazon Fire

3. Apple TV

4. Google Chromecast

5. Roku

6. Nvidia Shield

7. Smart Phone or Tablet

8. Home computer or laptop

9. Gaming Consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo

There are new devices coming out all of the time that all have their own benefits and features. I always recommend Amazon Fire if you already have an Amazon account. Otherwise Roku is a very popular streaming device as well. No matter how you choose to stream, i5 Fiber will help you get started and show you how easy the switch can be. Check out Cnets article  for a more in-depth review of each device or give us a call with any questions.



For all of these packages (except AT&T), you will have no box rentals, no extra fees, and no contracts.

Overall Personal Opinion Best – Hulu Live TV

In my personal opinion, Hulu + Live TV gives the most for your money. Not only do you get access to Hulu’s vast library of movies and shows, you also get free DVR for live TV along with all of your local and national programming. They start at only $64.99 for a full package- that is comparable to a $125 cable tv package.

For Sports- Fubo Tv

For the sports lover, FuboTV can not be beat. They offer up to 221 Channels and were originally launched as a sports streaming service. They have more sports coverage than all other streaming services at this point in time. They also start out at $64.99 and have specific add-ons for any type of entertainment, while also having a decent on demand section. FuboTV also provides you with a free DVR service for live TV.

Budget –Sling

Sling starts out at $35.00 a month and includes all of your local favorites. Just like with all of the other streaming services, there are no contracts and you get free DVR for all of your live TV. They also have specific upgrades for sports, entertainment, or movies. They are a true only pay for what you want to watch provider.

Channel Surfers – AT&T TV

AT&T TV is for people that want to stream but keep the original feel of TV without all the bells and whistles. Since AT&T is more of a traditional service, it is the most expensive. It includes many channels that people usually wish they weren’t paying for since they don’t watch them. However, their platform is molded to make it feel as much like normal Cable Box TV as possible. Their plans start at 69.99/Mo +Tax and you also have to rent their TV Boxes at $5.00/mo each. Just like when getting TV from your local providers. They are the only streaming service that charges you to rent TV boxes that they make themselves.


This might feel like a lot of information, but it is much easier to upgrade to streaming than you might think, especially since our trained staff will set up everything for you. We will help load everything, and set up your account. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your new services. If at any point you have questions about your new services, just give i5 Fiber a call and we will be happy to help or send someone by to take a look with you. That is just one of the added benefits of choosing a locally based internet provider.